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New Brunswick

Capital: Fredericton

Population: 794,300

Climate: Summer months will see an average of 20°-25° C. Winters have an average of -3° C, but can fall as low of -30° C.

Must see: Hopewell Rocks, Pabineau Falls

Known for: Bay of Fundy, Lobster and Whales

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New Brunswick is the only province in Canada that has both French and English as the official languages. Known for its friendly people, this small province offers a more affordable lifestyle that lets you hike Appalachian Mountains and swim in the warmest saltwater beaches in Canada. New Brunswick's economy is largely resource based and focused around forestry, mining and fishing, but it has a strong agriculture industry as well. The future of the labour market is anticipating a high level of growth in the healthcare and social assistance sectors, as well as job openings in construction, manufacturing and retail and wholesale trade. If you would like to read more about housing, healthcare and education in New Brunswick, the Population Growth Team's orientation guide for newcomers is available here!

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programs (NBPNP) allow the province to nominate candidates who have the intent to reside there, and have the greatest ability to become economically established in New Brunswick. These programs also help employers in the province fill job vacancies that they have been unable to fill with permanent residents or Canadian citizens.


New Brunswick immigration starting guide

New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream

This stream allows employers who can demonstrate their labour shortages hire foreign workers to fill job vacancies. If the employer meets the criteria required by the government of New Brunswick (GNB) they can provide a job offer to a foreign worker. The job offer must be permanent, full-time and with a competitive wage to qualify.

For the candidates who receive a valid eligible job offer, the additional requirements include:

  1. score a minimum of 60 points in the selection factors. 

  2. minimum one year work experience related to the job offer, within the past five years.

  3. be between the ages of 19-55.

  4. valid language test results at minimum of CLB/NCLC 4.

  5. have education equivalent to Canadian high school.

  6. proof of genuine intention to settle in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Business Immigration Stream

This stream is an economic pathway for experienced entrepreneurs who are ready to establish, operate and actively manage a business while living in New Brunswick permanently. Candidates will need to meet the eligibility requirements under categories or age, language, education, business ownership experience and business concept.

Additional requirements include:

  • minimum investment amount of $150,000 CAD.

  • minimum personal net worth of $500,000 CAD.

The GNB reserves the right to only consider only certain types of new businesses or the purchase of existing businesses. read more about this program here.

Atlantic Immigration Program

AIP is a federally run program and extends to all four Atlantic provinces which helps employers fill employments gaps with international qualified candidates. Employers apply for designation which then allows them to endorse a foreign national.

Requirements for the Work Permit Stream are:

  1. Either have the equivalent of 1 year work experience (1,560 hours) in the past 5 years. Experience must be paid, legally obtained, not self-employed an in NOC 0, A, B or C. Or - be an international graduate from a minimum 2 year program in a recognized post-secondary institution in an Atlantic province. Applicant must have held the appropriate permit, been a full-time student for entire length of studies and lived in the Atlantic province for at least 16 months. 

  2. meet the educational requirements; for job offers at NOC 0 or A level post secondary education, for job offers at NOC B or C high school diploma

  3. valid language test results at minimum of CLB/NCLC 5 for NOC 0, A or B job offers, and CLB/NCLC 4 for NOC C job offers

  4. enough settlement funds to support yourself and your family*

*if you are already living and working in Canada on a valid work permit you do not need to show proof of funds

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