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Capital: Iqaluit

Population: 39,589

Climate: Summers can average around 6°-11° C, winters can average around -27° to -32° C.

Must see: Mount Thor, Cunningham Inlet and Pond Inlet

Known for: Inuit Art, Narwhals and Polar Bears

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Nunavut, one of Canada's three territories, is the newest and largest province or territory in the country. Completely isolated by land with no roads connecting it, Nunavut communities are only accessible by air or sea. Most people reside in the capital of Iqaluit which is located on Baffin Island. This territory is the home to the majority of the Arctic Archipelago, the group of islands on Canada's northern coast. Exploring Nunavut will show you beautiful Inuit art, beluga whales, and the experience of 24-hour daylight. A trip to Sirmilik National Park will provide sights of narwals, polar bears, seals, orcas and thousands of wild birds. The majority of the jobs in Nunavut are in the public sector in the territorial or federal government, but the main industries of mining, fishing, hunting, trapping, construction and arts and crafts also greatly contribute to the economy.

Nunavut does not currently have any provincial nominee programs available.

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