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Capital: Québec City

Population: 8,180,000

Climate: Summer highs see temperatures around 26°-30° C, winters can see lows from -15° to -24° C.

Must see: Old Montreal, Mont-Tremblant

Known for: Château Frontenac Hotel, Poutine

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Québec is widely known as Canada's only official French speaking province, with other claims to fame like being the worlds largest maple syrup producer and the birth place of world renowned Cirque du Soleil. However this province is a unique spot in Canada for many reasons, being the largest in Canada it has an abundance of natural attractions like Percé Rock, whale watching, and the international dark sky reserve Mont-Mégantic. But the European vibes found in Old Montreal and Québec City are likely what make it a popular tourist destination for Canadians. A Québec life style can also feel a bit more relaxed, with some benefits like lower costs of living and subsidized daycare, however high taxes can offset this benefit. A world leader in hydroelectricity and large electric grids, more than 96% of their electricity generation comes from hydroelectric resources.

Quebec immigration is uniquely regulated by the province. If you decide to use a paid representative you must ensure they are authorized to advise, assist or represent you before the Ministère. Phoenix Canada is not currently representing immigration clients who are applying to immigrate to Québec.


You can read more about how to confirm your representative is authorized for Québec immigration here.

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